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2011 Mock Draft

Well, it's that time of the year.  I haven't been on a whole lot lately, but tradition is tradition.  This took way too much effort, but here we go.

  1. Cam Newton – I'm not really happy with this pick, but they seem in love with him. Plus, he's better than Clausen

  2. Marcell Dareus – The Broncos kept Champ Bailey, so that solves one problem (for now). Fox needs a big man in the middle, and Dareus is arguably the best player in the draft.

  3. Von Miller – This pick gives them somebody who will actually bring down the quarterback, and in addition, it might let teams allow Aaron Maybin to rush freely. Probably should be a quarterback, but hey, what do I know?

  4. A.J. Green – It wasn't that long ago that the receivers on the Bengals might have been the best group of receivers in the league. Owens is gone, Ocho is probably on his way out, and Jordan Shipley will probably never be a #1. They take the best prospect since Calvin Johnson, and they can address the QB situation later.

  5. Patrick Peterson – He's too good to let pass. Peterson could potentially be the first corner taken #1 overall, so if the Cardinals can land him, I think they pull the trigger.

  6. Robert Quinn – If Green was available, I think they'd take him, but this is probably too high for Julio Jones. They'll take the amazing pass rusher.

  7. Prince Amukamara – The 49ers had a terrible pass defense last year, and they need to address it unless they want to pick 7<sup>th</sup> next year. I had considered a QB, but they said they'd welcome back Alex Smith, and if Harbaugh is going to draft a QB he'll probably want a shot at the Andrew Luck lottery.

  8. Nick Fairley – The Titans lost Albert Haynesworth a few years ago, and KVB now plays in Detroit. Fairley might have had some issues, but he can deliver.

  9. J.J. Watt – He has good size, and the Cowboys could bolster their 3-4 end spot.

  10. Blaine Gabbert – McNabb is old. Grossman isn't the answer. Shanahan needs a QB.

  11. Aldon Smith – At 6'4” at 265, he can be the OLB for the new 3-4 in Houston. Ask Wade Phillips how much an elite pass rusher helps.

  12. Da'Quan Bowers – Ray Edwards is set to be a free agent, Jared Allen is starting to get up there, and for a team that's been built around defense for a few years, you can never have too many pass rushers.

  13. Tyron Smith – Jeff Backus should have been moved to the right side years ago, and they need somebody reliable to protect Stafford's blind side.

  14. Julio Jones – I'm not really sure that he'll be here, but if he is, I don't see how the Rams can pass him up. Sam Bradford did great as a rookie, and that was with his best receiver as Danny Amendola.

  15. Mike Pouncey – Not so much of a need, but the Dolphins can get a great offensive lineman here and address QB and RB later if they feel they need to.

  16. Ryan Kerrigan – The Jaguars seem to have busted with Derrick Harvey, and Aaron Kampman is coming back from an injury. Kerrigan's stock is increasing, and they can nail a home run here.

  17. Cameron Jordan – As a Patriots fan, this pick is probably more of a want than what I expect. In all likeliness, they'll trade down to the early 20's and pick up a second rounder. If not, they can get the heir to Richard Seymour's RE spot with the pick they received for him. He played 3-4 End for Cal, so he already knows the position.

  18. Anthony Castonzo – With the top guys for their defensive end spot gone, they can look to upgrade an offensive line that's not necessarily bad, but could stand improement.

  19. Akeem Ayers – There aren't a whole lot of top linebacker prospects available, but they've lost Antonio Pierce prior to last season and Keith Bullock can't have much left.

  20. Adrian Clayborn – The Bucs took two defensive tackles last year, and they get an edge rusher right now. Sorry Stylez G. White, which is obviously the best name in the NFL.

  21. Gabe Camiri – He's the consensus pick between a lot of the experts, and if Matt Cassel and Jamaal Charles want to pick up where they left off, fixing the line is a good place to start.

  22. Derek Sherrod – this pick ought to be the best OT available. The run game needs to improve, and the offensive line was a big part of the problem. Peyton Manning cannot continue to get hit, and when the Colts put somebody else there, he'll need a protector.

  23. Corey Liuget – The Eagles might want an offensive lineman, but they can get the DT to improve their trenches here.

  24. Muhammed Wilkerson – Shaun Rogers is 32 and one McDonald's value meal away from a heart attack. Plus, the Saints don't have an overwhelming number of needs. A lot of people think Bowers is available here, but I just don't see it.

  25. Jake Locker – Matt Hasselbeck is long past his prime, and I don't believe in Jes...I mean, Charlie Whitehurst. Carroll can get a hometown talent.

  26. Jimmy Smith – The Ravens need a cornerback who can stay on the field and not get lit up. He has character issues? Pretty confident Grandpa Ray will take care of that.

  27. Kyle Rudolph – Tony Gonzalez is going to hang it up in the case of a lockout, which means he probably only has one year left if he plays. Roddy White is a stud at WR, but Matty Ice needs another target.

  28. Mark Ingram – I've been the biggest fan of Mark Ingram coming out of college for a while (although I'm secretly hoping Belichick man's up and trades 17 and a first next year for a high enough spot to get AJ) , and Saban and Belichick know each other well. Plus, Ingram is currently visiting NE, who hasn't had a consistent RB since Dillon.

  29. Nate Solder – I really expect this pick to be the best Tackle available. Just a hunch.

  30. Cameron Hayward – The Vernon Gholston thing doesn't seem to be working out, and the Jets don't have too many positions of need.

  31. Aaron Williams – Jordy Nelson, 9 catches for 140. Greg Jennings, 4 catches 2 Tds. Tell me they don't need a shut down corner.

  32. Brooks Reed – I really had no idea for this one, but the Packers don't have too many areas of concern. The run game was nonexistent for much of the year, but between Jennings, Nelson, and the returning Donald Lee, the passing game can carry this team. And they get Ryan Grant back. I had considered a CB to fill in when Woodson retires, but Sam Shields and Tramon Williams looked good last year.

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